Blood Passage (Blood Destiny #2) - Connie Suttle I don't understand Lissa. Actually, there are quite a few things about her that I don't understand:

Why do all the men want her?
And why can't she be a decent human being and just pick one? She's engaged to Gavin. Why is she acting as though she's available? Which leads me to...
Why does she sleep with Gavin if she doesn't actually like him?
Why does she call everyone "honey"?
Why is she always getting naked against her will?
Why is she a doormat?

Why, Lissa?! Sigh...I'm not even sad that she attempts to kill herself at the end.

Unfortunately, I won't be getting answers. I had really high hopes for her as a character but she's just getting progressively more annoying. She needs a backbone and some purpose instead of just dealing with (& whining about) things that happen to her.