Duncan (Vampires in America, #5) - D.B. Reynolds Ho-hum. The last couple of books in this series have not been great and Duncan is probably the disappointing end of the line for me. I've had about all I can take of annoying heroines and gratuitous sex.

But mostly, I feel like this series is disjointed. It's almost as though it was supposed to end after book 2 but Reynolds decided to keep going. I think this could have worked out really well if Cyn and Raphael were kept as the focal point of the series with other characters flowing in and out as the plot developed, but as you probably know, that's not how it went down. I'm also a bit disappointed but not surprised that we're just now learning about Raphael's plans to rule the continent, unless I just missed it in a previous book. It's in line with my assumption that the series wasn't fleshed out past the first 2 books.

Anyway, while Rajmund was good, Sophia's love story would have been better as a novella since most of the plot ended up swinging back to Cyn and Raphael anyway. Duncan, formerly one of my favorite characters, was just disappointing and this book actually made me like him less than I did in the previous books.

This series had a lot of potential but it's just not working for me anymore!