Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep 2.5 stars.

I'm picky about my PNR so this was a rough one for me. I wanted to like it. I like badass-assassin bitches! Girl power and all that. But, all's said and done, I just find Gin annoying. *le sigh* It had potential.

1 - I really prefer to experience what's happening in a book as opposed to being told what's happening in a book.
2 - Repetitive inner monologue. It was like all of her thoughts were on the loop from hell and I was stuck in there with her. You know. You know that friend you have who still bitches about the boyfriend she broke up with 3 years ago...it was like that.
3 - Dialogue was cheeeeeesy. Was Finn a wiseguy? He sure sounded like one. :-/