Brie's First Day of Submissive Training (Brie, #1) - Red Phoenix This book read like a bored housewife's fantasy to me. Maybe the other parts are better, but I won't be reading them.

The major problem for me - this is supposed to be submissive training, yes? They don't actually teach anything you can't read on the internet. The girls show up (apparently, only women are submissive), they talk about different levels of submission and then they're instructed to have sex with total strangers, WITHOUT A SAFEWORD, in exercises that are designed to push their boundaries. This is supposed to weed out the "wannabe submissives?" Fucking Christ! I have a hard time any reasonably sane person would stick around after that. Sure, push some boundaries, open horizons, but only with people you trust. And only if they're wearing a condom! Suffice it to say, completely irresponsible. I understand that there's a certain amount of fantasy associated with books in this genre, but other authors (Cherise Sinclair, Kallypso Masters, Lexi Blake, Joey Hill) have proven you can have both fantasy and responsible, kinky sex.