Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder Good lord. What the hell was that? Was it a romance? Young adult? BDSM novel? I don't know. It was trying really hard to be a lot of things.

I'm really bummed I didn't like this novel. I thought Part I was really great - we got to know the characters, we felt the pain of her loss (not a spoiler, it's in the blurb!), and for the most part it was well-written.

Sadly, things tanked.

I have neither the time nor desire to catalog every single thing I felt was wrong with this book, but I'll list a few - aside from the over-used lip biting and the "Oh god, oh god...ohmigod!" that made me want to chuck my kindle across the room.

Serious spoliers ahead...

1. Insta-attraction. 2 days after the boyfriend she loves bleeds out in front of her, after she's practically catatonic at the funeral she meets Colt and "I felt an awful, powerful lightning bolt of energy zap through me at this touch." Seriously? It just gets worse from there with all the hand-zingers and electricity. I hate insta-attraction in every scenario, but this just felt inappropriate and unrealistic so soon after Kyle's death.

2. Douchebag Dan. I *loved* how Colt just happened to show up at her apartment at the same moment DD is attempting rape. Of COURSE he's wandering around miles away from home at 3 in the morning. With brass knuckles. After all, he is a certifiable bad ass. Right.

3. Him molesting her, her hand-raping him... So,they go back to Colt's place after the almost-rape and he proceeds to take her pants off and traces "a featherlight line across her thigh" WHILE she's asleep. Given the events earlier in the night, this just seems wrong. (At least he has the decency to be ashamed of himself.) And then, the morning after she's almost-raped, she gives him a hand job while he's asleep? Yeah, it's hard for someone to consent while they're sleeping. I know a lot of people believe that men cannot be raped, but they can. I don't care if he wanted it and was actually dreaming about it, I felt like it crossed the line of consent.

4. Boyfriend with anger issues. It's so much fun to be with someone who flips his shit for no apparent reason. Bonus points for boyfriends with anger issues who can also brutally beat the shit out of someone. But he loves her and would never hurt her - he's in total control of his rage at all times. Why is it always assumed that the heroine is never in any danger of being hurt by an angry hero because of love? I've never believed it when I've read it elsewhere, and definitely didn't buy it here.

5. Girlfriend depressed? Likes to self-harm? No problem! Just fuck it out of her! Colt said he wanted "Nelly-baby" to feel things, to grieve. (Yes, finally something healthy!) But after a lengthy crying jag, he just fucks her. Actually, no, he doesn't fuck her. He fingers her ass. Nice. He goes straight to butt sex. At some point, Colt also becomes a Dom and orders her to spread her legs and spanks her while she comes. In another book this would be hot. I pay good money to read books wherein this happens a LOT. In this book...just, no.

6. Who the hell WAS Colt? When he started sharing about his past he started talking like a stereotypical "street thug" ("don't know nothing"-esque grammar). But this didn't happen until, what, half way through the book? Why wasn't he talking like that before? And regardless of his learning disability, he himself said he was smart and always spoke properly, so what the fuck? It was like he was a completely different character sometimes.

7. The end. *Sigh.* Of COURSE she gets pregnant right after Colt tells her "the last thing we need right now is a pregnancy." And of COURSE we learn that Colt's dead girlfriend was pregnant when she was killed. It seemed like the whole thing was set up for max-drama and nothing else. It brought absolutely nothing to the plot.

Falling Into You actually reminded me a lot of Beautiful Disaster, which I also hated. Angry hero, fucked up heroine, one of them always thinks they can fix the other, but they can't. I just have a problem with books that make co-dependency seem healthy or desirable. It's not. Get yourself some therapy if you think so. That said, I did appreciate that things take a turn for the better at the very end.